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About Us



Park Rapids Figure Skating Club

Park Rapids Figure Skating Club (PRFSC) is a non-profit organization with 501c3 status under the direction f a Board of Directors. Members sit on the voluntary board for a 2-year term in office. We operate according to the guidelines of the United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA).

Our purpose

  • To encourage the instruction & advancement of its members in Moves in the Field, Freeskate, Basic Skills and all types of ice skating.
  • To encourage and cultivate a spirit of fraternal feeling among ice skaters.

  • To sponsor, to produce or cooperate in the production of amateur figure skating competitions, exhibitions or ice shows.

  • Generally to perform such other acts as may be necessary, advisable, proper or incidental to the realization of the objectives and purposes of this organization and carry out the general policies of the U.S. Figure Skating.

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